Causes peloponnesian war essay

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Causes peloponnesian war essay

Select network The Peloponnesian War was a conflict in ancient Greece that redefined the structure of power in the Greek-speaking world. The Histories is written about the Peloponnesian War and the events that led to its outbreak.

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Thucydides was an Athenian historian who served as a general in the Peloponnesian War. Despite Causes peloponnesian war essay involvement in the war and his Athenian roots, Thucydides represented himself as an unbiased witness in his written work in The Histories.

He breaks down the root causes of what led up to the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War, identifying the Ancient Greek cities and culture involved, and which cities played a major role leading to the outbreak.

He identifies Causes peloponnesian war essay major causes that contributed to the war: Epidamnus was a colony of Corcyra, yet founded by the son of a Corinthian. After experiencing a period of success, Epidamnus slowly lost power and reformed government from aristocratic to democratic; the democrats revoked any respect of previous aristocrats.

The Epidamnus aristocrats evacuated the city and joined forces with their foreign enemies, supporting the enemy side in a series of attacks against the new democratic city-state. Realizing the backlash of the change in governments, Epidamnus found themselves in trouble and sought aid from Corcyra.

Corcyraeans denied aid and assistance to Epidamnus, forcing Epidamnus to seek aid from the Corinthians. The Corinthians were in agreement and paired up with Epidamnus to fight against Corcyra because Corinthians thought that Corcyra did not respect them as their sister-state and believed their actions did not conform to typical Ancient Greek lifestyles.

The Corinthians built a land and sea army with the help from Ambraciots, Leucadians, and native Corinthians. Corinthian support during the Peloponnesian War Corinthians support to Epidamnus did not settle well with Corcyra, especially after learning that an army was built in defense. Corcyraeans had a hostile response to the new allies and gathered their army to fight for Epidamnus.

The Peloponnesian War was a conflict in ancient Greece that redefined the structure of power in the Greek-speaking world. This sample essay explores Thucydides' work "The Histories", which is considered to be one of the first uses of scientific historical studying practices of which there are records.. Thucydides' views about the Peloponnesian War5/5(1). Published: Mon, 5 Dec Thucydides an Athenian aristocrat and veteran of the Peloponnesian War documented the war from the beginning of the conflict in BC to its conclusion in BC. Jun 13,  · Causes of the Peloponnesian War? Hi, I'm writing an essay on the causes of the Peloponessian war, but I'm having some difficulty finding good info. Right now my three causes are differences between Athens's and Sparta's government, military status and political views, so if Status: Resolved.

Epidamnus and the Corinthians declined their request. The two sides went back and forth with offers and counteroffers, however, the Corinthians were ready to attack and repeatedly denied any offer.

The denial of offers turned out to be a major mistake to the Corinthians. During the exchange of offers and while the Corinthians were preparing to fight, Thucydides states that part of the army was in Epidamnus holding citizens there as prisoners.

After the war was over, Corcyraean fleets started to badger Corinthian cities and their allies by starting fires and disposing waste on their land. Annoyed and frustrated with Corcyra despicable actions, Corinthians put up an army and went after the allies of Corcyra.

Corcyra responded with their army and the two cities took a position for a period of time. After watching each other for an entire summer, both sides retreated. These series of events between these two mother cities are the first and primary causes that would lead to the Peloponnesian War, setting off a domino effect that distressed many city-states during that era.

The dispute over the city of Corcyra Thucydides explains the next contributing factors for the cause of the Peloponnesian War was the dispute over the Corcyraeans.

The dispute over Corcyra was a result of the dispute of the Epidamnus and leads to the dispute of the Potidaea. The Corinthians were not backing down, following the war against the Corcyraeans, Corinthians spent time and money building new ships and trained rowers from the Peloponnese to fight against Corcyra.

Causes peloponnesian war essay

The Corcyra never joined the Athenian League or the Spartanswhich made them nervous to fight the Corinthians because they did not have enough manpower or allies. Knowing the Corinthians might have a chance to win in a second battle, Corcyra sought the help of Athens. Ironically, Athens was already a party to the Peace Treaty of the Peloponnesian and had ties to the Corinthians because they too were involved in the treaty.

Causes peloponnesian war essay

Regardless of the treaty, Athens decided to hear both sides of the argument before deciding which city to side with.

The hearing in Athens between the Corinthians and the Corcyraeans was a major factor in the Peloponnesian War because Athens took the Corcyraeans side and put their own city at risk and in an unsettling position. The Athenians gave the Corcyaeans the order to avoid a battle with the Corinthians- unless it was absolutely necessary.

The Coycyaeans understood this order, but with the Corinthians coming up by sea to fight another battle, the Athenians had no choice but to let the Corcyraeans defend themselves though the Athenians did not participate in the battle at first, due to the treaty.

The Corinthians had the upper hand for most of the battle but were defeated for the second time after the Athenians joined. After the battle, Corinthians sent a herald to Athens to deliver a message.

The message was to remind Athens of their treaty and friendship and ask Athens not to get in their way against their enemy battles. These Corcyraeans are our allies, and we came to help them. Corinthians unwavering in support of Corcyra It was obvious the Corinthians that Athenians were going to continue to stand by Corcyra.

Greek culture demanded the city stand firm in their agreement with a fellow ally. The Corinthians then retreated back home. Though defeated, the Corinthians claimed victory for having the superior hand in the first part of the battle, and in delivering the message to Athens.

The Corcyraeans also claimed victory for maintaining two wins against the Corinthians. The result of the events with the Athenians and the Corcyraeans gave the Corinthians reason to wage war against the Athenians for breaking the Peace Treaty of the Peloponnesians.

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The Peloponnesian War changed Greece in every way. Nothing was the same after the war and Athens was never to be as powerful. The causes of the war, are that the Athenian Empire upset the balance of power in the Greek world.

Jan 31,  · Discuss The Causes And Origins Of The Peloponnesian War. causes and origins of the Peloponnesian War. The Peloponnesian War was a long and brutal affair involving Sparta and its allies and the Athenian empire.

Free peloponnesian war papers, essays, and research papers. The Causes and Effects of the Peloponnesian War Analysis of the Peloponnesian War - In this essay, I am going to anaylise the Peloponnesian War.

I will look at what appears to have caused the war, how it developed, and what the outcome of it was. Essay on History of the Peloponnesian War - In Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, Pericles commends the ergon of Athenian heroes, which has placed them in the realm of logos, while directing the Athenians to follow these ideals of logos.

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Causes of the peloponnesian war essay